A Syrian Youth Receives the Best Innovation Award for the Technological Projects Category in Russia

The Syrian young man (Basil Suleiman) won the prize for the best innovation in the top (50) innovative ideas competition in the fields of technology, economics, education, and society which was held in the city of (Kazan) in Russia, where thousands of students, teachers, researchers, and academics from both the Russian Federation and abroad came to compete. Suleiman, a PhD student at Kazan University for Technology, explained in a statement to (SANA) that this innovation, introduced in the field of digital (hydro geochemistry) , presented  a new direct method to measure the “ionic” composition of the waters of rivers, seas, oceans, and formation water of oil and gas fields using a data-analysis algorithm that depends on measuring density, refractive index, and electrical conductivity and applying them in hydro-chemical fields such as developing monitoring buoys, marine scanners, geological-analysis devices of subterranean water and formation water in oil and gas fields.

According to Suleiman, the innovation includes a new standard measure to gather the information on the main ionic compounds in water and put them on an uninterrupted hydrogeological map to determine the hydrodynamic link in the subterranean water and formation water of the oil and gas fields, noting that he received the recommendation from En Tu Cam Innovative Industrial Group and the Geological Exploration Department in “Tatneft” company.

Suleiman concluded his speech by saying: I consider this victory as step in a long way of learning, work, and achievement… and for the Syrians, victory means that everyone masters his/ her work and lays the foundation stone for building the future of their homeland to achieve international excellence, pointing to the excellence of the Syrian youth in the countries of expatriate in the scientific, professional, cultural, artistic, and other fields.

Source: (SANA) News Agency



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