Oxford publishes research paper for a rare surgical operation at Al-Basel Hospital, Tartous

The British University of “Oxford” published for the second time a research paper for surgery, the first of its kind, which was conducted in the “General Authority of Al-Basel Hospital” in Tartous and is entitled “A rare case of hemorrhagic gastrointestinal stromal tumor  relapsing locally:  therapeutic challenges and review of warning signs of relapse”.

Dr. “Shawqi Mahmoud” – Department of General Surgery – said: “It is the first recorded case in the medical literature about treating a localized GIST tumor at the expense of the distal department of the duodenum, and the anatomical and technical difficulties incurred by the surgery.

The university also published our proposal to amend the therapeutic strategy currently used in the treatment of GIST tumors, so that gastrointestinal bleeding in GIST tumors can be considered as a separate independent warning signal that increases the risk of tumor recurrence and therefore requires complementary treatment with Imatinib after surgery”.

Dr. Iskandar Ammar, Director of the General Authority of Al-Basil Hospital, said: “The General Authority of Al-Basil Hospital in Tartous reviewed the girl (TA) at the age of 9 months with a story of ambiguous genitalia .

The child was given hormonal analyzes that showed a lack of cortisol and a rise in the hormone (17-OH-Progesterone) and the decision was made to perform surgical procedures to repair the male genitalia and the manufacture of female organs, and the girl graduated with a good general condition and was put on a permanent treatment with cortisone to treat hypothyroidism following birth congenital.

  • Source: (sy-medianews.net)


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