Gravitational Waves Explain How the Universe Avoided Self-Destruction

Why has not the universe destroyed itself as a result of collision with the antimatter ?

Gravitational waves will help you find the answer and validate the hypothesis that unknown particles and one-dimensional virtual wires saved it.

According to Physical Review Letters, when matter and anti-matter collide, they turn into rays, and the space was not so vast in the early moments of the Big Bang.

The collision process has repeated many times, which means that both of them will be destroyed. Scientists believe that it is possible that the matter would be more than the antimatter.

This means that the antimatter was not sufficient to eliminate the matter. Therefore, the universe remained and we remained with it.

According to a hypothesis, there are particles that have not yet been discovered (sterile neutrinos), and it is believed that these particles usually turn into particles of matter.

If this is the case, this means that we are made of old (sterile neutrinos) fragments.

On the other hand, do these particles really exist? This is what scientists want to verify, by starting to generate them. However, this needs a much more powerful collider than the Large Hadron Collider. So they are looking for cheaper methods.

According to the journal, Physicists from Japan, the United States and Canada are proposing a new promising method, where the proposed model for this method includes the production of a large amount of matter at the expense of (sterile neutrinos), in conjunction with “Virtual Wires” which must be envisioned as very long, thin and heavy wires.

According to this theory, at the first moments of the creation of the universe, a large network of cosmic wires formed. The vibrations of these “wires” are supposed to form gravitational waves, and this is what to look for.

The authors of this hypothesis explain that the gravitational waves that originated from the “cosmic wires” vibrations will be completely different from the waves caused by the collision of black holes or other astronomical processes.

That is, it will not be difficult to recognize them if the sensitivity of sensors is high.

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