The University of Germany grants the full mark to a Syrian who has submitted a project about reconstructing Syria

The Damascus architectural touch was not lost in the project presented by a Syrian student at the University of Hanover, Germany, which was about the reconstruction of cities destroyed in the war in Syria.

 (Maher Daaboul) is a Syrian young man from Damascus, who studied architecture in Syria until he reached the fifth year, and because of the war he had to travel to Germany to pursue his academic career.

Maher has proven his abilities, thus he was granted the opportunity to continue his studies in the year of graduation in Germany without starting from scratch, as part of his graduation project, Maher presented an idea for a modern reconstruction of Syria  but preserving its Damascene style, and this is what all the professors admired, so that he received the full mark, which was a first among all students.

What impressed the professors was that Maher did not change the architectural style in Syria, but he developed it while maintaining the positives and avoiding the negatives. For example, re-planning the traffic system in the old lanes without damaging the Damascene elements. While maintaining the main centers in the city, such as the Umayyad Mosque or the Hamidiyeh market, because of its special symbolism among the Syrians.

Here we see that the presence of the Syrians in the Diaspora will help them gain more experiences, which will later help them build their country and improve it from the midst of this ruin to one of  the most prestigious countries in the world again.



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