The US ocuppation forces send their terrorists to carry out sabotage operations in the Syrian Governorates

The Syrian security service has learned that the U.S. military is sending militants under its control to carry out sabotage beyond the 55-kilometer zone around its base in al-Tanfa, including the southern provinces of Syria.

That statement was made by Sultan Ayid Abdellah Souda, a former colonel in the Syrian armed forces who was detained for desertion. He deserted in 2013 because of threats to his family from ISGIL fighters, who fled to the Ruqban camp.

In 2016, he accepted a cooperation proposal from the US side and served as the commander of the al-Zuwayriya stronghold in the settlement of al-Tanf.

He then decided to leave al-Tanf with his family.

Souda was detained in February by Syrian security officials while attempting to return to Damascus-controlled territory.

He said he had joined the Maghavir al-Saura militants and had received training in subversive activities from American specialists.

The U.S. military sent them on missions with good pay – the former colonel himself received a salary of $500.

After training with American instructors, they were sent to the east, to the Euphrates, to conduct sabotage, mainly at oil facilities and government-controlled infrastructure to intimidate and harm people.

The Americans said if you want more, you have to do operations outside the 55-kilometer zone.

Some militants have been sent to Haseke Province, Idlib, Essaouiraida and Dara’a,” the former colonel said.

According to him, U.S. military instructors trained the militants, including foreigners, to use weapons, as well as mine blasting, and provided them with good supplies and clothing.

The weapons were brought through Saudi Arabia and Jordan. The production of weapons was very diverse: Chinese, NATO.

After his arrest, Souda provided information on the number of personnel and weapons at Tanf Support Base, the illegal armed groups stationed at the base and the coordinates of important installations.

He also provided data on the approximate number of families wishing to return to Government-controlled territory.

On the basis of the data provided, Syrian intelligence services will take specific measures to eliminate the terrorist threat, including in the southern governorates.

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