Syria Follows “Reverse Hybrid Warfare” by Insisting on Resistance and Kicking the Americans Out. Part (1)

“Damascus Center for Research and Studies – DCRS” considered that the dynamics of “hybrid warfare” that USA is pursuing against Syria have not yielded the American desired results, which pushed USA to tighten the noose by passing what is known as (so-called) “Caesar Act”, pointing out that Syria is following the dynamics of a “reverse hybrid warfare” by insisting on its right to resist and kick the Americans and others out.

The center published a Policy Analysis sheet entitled: “Sands and Death! USA and the Policies of Hybrid Warfare in Syria”, of which “Al-Watan” has received a copy.

The sheet started from what Trump has stated in his justification for announcing the American withdrawal from Syria : “Game in Syria was over long time ago, we are talking about sands and death”, indicating that at the same time, the “Deep State” in USA was talking about the necessity of a long stay in Syria within the framework of international regional policies, and this is what actually happened.

The paper prepared by the scientific body member at the center, “Aqeel Mahfoud”, pointed out that Trump’s aforementioned statement may shift in its connotations and implications to the opposite of what he wanted, because when the Americans find that the environment has become renouncing, and the horizon is narrowing, they will realize that the developments are moving towards more severe or dangerous options that might force them to get out of Syria, because Syria has long experiences in managing national resistance against foreign forces, and this is what the Americans know well, as they undoubtedly experienced it (on the part of Syria) in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq.

The paper considered that Syria is a country of “sand and death” but for the actors of terrorism and external interference, and that the resistance is an expression of “the will of life”, and of “determination” and “aspiration for the future”, and this is what the Syrians are supposed to think about, and they must be thinking about it, as any action or response shall have no meaning unless it falls within this context.

The sheet saw that the “hybrid warfare” pursued by USA is less risky and costly, as it is focusing on “economic strangling” policies, disrupting the paths of solution, posing pressure to prevent Syria and its allies from converting military gains into political ones, and magnifying the costs and repercussions of continuing anti-American policies.

( to be continued… )

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