Syria Follows “Reverse Hybrid War” by Insisting on Resistance and Kicking the Americans Out. Part (2)

The paper entitled: “Sand and death! USA and the Policies of Hybrid Warfare in Syria” that was published by «Damascus Center for Research and Studies – DCRS», has indicated that Syria is following the dynamics of a “reverse hybrid warfare” by insisting on the right to resist and kick the Americans and others out in the context of compound and complex regional and international alliances, re-reading the war starting with the root causes that made it (the war) possible, and the social, political, value, and cultural viability that made American, Turkish, Israeli and other interferences possible in Syria, and starting from a major axiom, which is the right to resist and find the possible ways in this regard.

The paper pointed out that the main goal of continuing the dynamics of the “hybrid war” in Syria (or towards it), and even applying them rigorously is to achieve what could not be achieved during the several years of war since March 2011.

The paper pointed out that the dynamics of the “hybrid warfare” have not yielded the American desired results, and were unable to establish a sustainable life outside the Syrian authority, which pushed USA to tighten the noose in a way that exceeds any policies in this regard by declaring the “Caesar Act”, interfering directly to impede the work of companies and partners and threatening them with sanctions and bans, and interfering to prevent the access of energy supplies.

The paper believed that the first possible or due response to the new American strategy in Syria is to read the war and extract lessons, work to magnify opportunities and contain threats, dismantle the internal or self-susceptibility, of different patterns and degrees, to war and external interference, contain the policies of “economic strangulation”, gradually dismantle corruption networks and strata, reform the laws, legislations, and public policies, and prevent that from affecting the major goal of combating terrorism and restoring state authority over the entire Syrian territory.

The paper also demonstrated that this can be done through the pursuit of multi-level “repelling policies”. For example, this can be achieved at the global level by being part of a global coalition consisting of ambitious actors seeking to change the nature of policies and curb the American hegemony over the global system, at the regional level through finding ways between the contradictions of the various regional actors, in addition to the resistance line, and at the Syrian national level by fighting terrorism, restoring control, and imposing state authority.

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