Applying the Solution of Lady Michèle Renouf is the Logical Response to Trump and Netanyahu Transaction!!

All due respect and appreciation to the British Lady, Michèle Renouf, who bears the honorary title of “lady”, as she believes that there is a solution to the Palestinian issue which has not yet received due attention, and it is manifested in the return of the Jews to their first homeland, namely the Jewish Republic “Birobidzhan”, which is located in the southeast of Russia, and unfortunately unknown to the “most of the world” as this will not please Israel, of course.

Lady Renouf says that this republic is the first homeland of the Jews in the world, and it remained so until the idea of settlement of the Jews in Palestine emerged.

The Zionists succeeded in turning a blind eye to the first Jewish republic established in a peaceful way and without the need to usurp the lands of indigenous people.

Michèle Renouf defends the solution of the return of the Jews to their first homeland, with surprising historical arguments and evidence for those hearing about it for the first time.

For this sake, she has established an organization that actively promotes this solution and bears the name “The Jewish Republic”.

She has also delivered many lectures at several forums, one of which was under the dome of the British Parliament.

In her view, the solution is simply manifested in a safe return of the Jews settled in Palestine to the Jewish republic “Oblast”, or as commonly known with the name of its capital “Birobidzhan”, where they can safely and peacefully live, without any kind of Anti-Semitism, enjoy the predominant Jewish culture environment, and speak their “Yiddish” language, which is the language of European Jews, leaving Palestine for its indigenous Arabs.

Renouf stresses that fact that the prevailing culture in “Birobidzhan” and its area that is equivalent to that of Switzerland, allows for achieving this just solution and putting an end to the tragedy of the Palestinian Arabs in diaspora, where the population density is (14 people/square mile) compared to (945 people/square mile) in the Zionist entity and (1728 people/square mile) in the Palestinian territories.

Renouf confirms that the Jewish Republic was founded in 1928 with the support and encouragement of the American Jews themselves represented in a body, in which the Jewish Physicist “Einstein” and the well-known American Writer “Goldberg” were members.

“Wikipedia” also states that the Jewish Republic was found in 1934, and it has a large Jewish community.

On the other hand, the Zionist prime minister insisted; in a TV show argument with “Renouf”, that this republic is considered one of the Symbols of the Stalinist era, which was characterized by anti-Semitism.

On her part, “Renouf” rejects these allegations and asserts the fact that Stalin tended to give each of the ethnicities of the Soviet Union, a republic of their own, and not only the Jews, which denies the accusations of Anti-Semitism.

Furthermore, the republic was a safe refuge for the Jews, so lots of them immigrated to it from outside the Soviet Union and found safety, security and peace there.

The immigration would have continued if the racist Zionism and the ideas of taking over the land of the Palestinian people had not emerged.

Renouf believes that the Jews lied, as usual, when they claimed after the Second World War that they desperately need the land of Palestine as their homeland.

In fact, there was no need to displace the Palestinians and seize their lands because the option of the Jewish Republic was available to them, but they decided to take over Palestine out of greed! Renouf deplores that tight media blackout on “The Jewish Republic”.

With the dissolution of the Soviet Union, each ethnicity became eligible to declare the independence of its republic, except “Birobidzhan”, which was a very sensitive issue to Israel and raised its concerns about the possibility of raising the global awareness of its existence as the first Jewish Republic.

Renouf said to Al-Quds Al-Arabi Newspaper, “Many people do not know anything about this fact and only few people have the opportunity to listen to me and know the truth”.

Renouf has been described by the Zionist media as a Holocaust denier.

“The 191 UN member states can choose and support this solution without fear of any anti-Semitic accusations because the people of the Jewish Republic actually live a safe and secure life away from any kind of Anti-Semitism whatsoever.” Renouf added.

(( Note : To check the information provided, visit Google Earth and search for “Birobidzhan”, and you will find the following phrase is written next to it: “Jewish autonomous district, Russia” )).

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