Rehabilitating infrastructure in southern Syria

In the southern provinces of the Syrian Arab Republic, important work is under way to rehabilitate civilian infrastructure, including socially important facilities such as homes, social security facilities and water supply facilities.

In the past 24 hours, two residential buildings have been restored in the Namer village of Dar’a governorate and a water pumping station in the Barek village of Suwaida province.

Water supply is very important for local residents, especially on the eve of seasonal sowing.

The condition of infrastructure, socially important objects, availability of building materials and material resources in Nawa settlement of Daraa province has been assessed.

In order to improve the living conditions of Syrian citizens and complete the reconstruction of the infrastructure, it is necessary to supply the village of Nawa with a truck crane, a bulldozer, 3 windows, 4 cubic metres of bricks, 5 cubic metres of cement, 2 tons of construction fittings, 50 kg of finishing materials, 150 metres of water pipes and 150 metres of electrical cables for the reconstruction of the power substation.

The head of the local government body has sent applications to the Ministry of Public Works and Housing for construction materials for the restoration of facilities.

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