In Zabadani, an infectious disease unit has been equipped as part of the coronovirus control

If a coronavirus infection is detected in Syria, as part of the Government’s measures to combat it, the SAR Ministry of Health has equipped the Zabadani National Hospital with an infectious disease unit for treatment.

The Syrian Minister of Health, Nizar Yazidi, personally ascertained that the medical institution was fully prepared to receive patients.

After the inspection, he stated that the hospital met all the requirements for the isolation and treatment of patients with infectious diseases.

The head of the provincial medical department said that the hospital in Zabadani contains 100 beds, isolation boxes and all necessary equipment.

All medical personnel, 220 of them, have received special training to fight viruses.

The director of the hospital said that recently, citizens have applied to the hospital mainly with colds, inflammations of the upper respiratory tract, etc.

According to the doctor, no cases of infection with coronavirus have been detected in any of the applicants.

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