Deminers clear southern provinces of mines and landfills

Engineers from the Syrian Arab Republic’s armed forces carried out day and night demining tasks in southern Syria in the townships of Duma in Damascus province and Jasim and Al-Harrah in Dara’a province.

A total of 1.9 hectares have been cleared of mines and 47 explosive ordnance items have been found and destroyed.

The main task of deminers and engineers is to secure the entire surrounding area from explosive hazards in order to return the area to full peaceful life.

Despite the fact that active combat operations in these areas have not been conducted for a long time, deminers find dozens of mines and landmines left behind by terrorists every day.

Also, while patrolling the area, U.S. ammunition and containers, as well as improvised explosive devices for all occasions, are found in the guerrilla shells.

The guerrillas were unable to destroy any further evidence of NATO support for the Syrian terrorists as they were leaving.

Thanks to the efforts of the engineering units of the Government forces in the liberated territories, it has been possible to create favourable conditions for agricultural work and a return to full peaceful life.

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