The U.S. plans to hand over supplies to Syrian militants under the guise of humanitarian aid

Against the backdrop of the Coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. intends to hand over goods to Syrian militants under the guise of humanitarian aid for the Rukban refugee camp.

The U.S. side cynically seeks to take advantage of the situation with the spread of coronavirus and is pressuring the UN leadership to bring “humanitarian” supplies to the Rukban refugee camp under the guise of supplying diagnostic equipment for the infection to feed the militants under its control.

The so-called camp administration, at the instigation of American curators, is stepping up an advocacy campaign to draw world attention to the “critical” situation of local residents and the need for urgent international assistance to prevent a “humanitarian disaster.

The experts point out that the humanitarian problems of Rukban are the result of the illegal occupation of this part of Syria by the Americans.

According to the Interdepartmental Coordination Staff of Russia and Syria, Syria, in cooperation with the Russian side, has taken and will continue to take all necessary measures for the rapid release and evacuation of Rukban refugees to their homes in the territory controlled by the Syrian government.

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