Right Before Our Eyes (25) – The Muslim Brotherhood “The First Setbacks of the Muslim Brotherhood”

( Thierry Meyssan )

Although we do not know the number of people who participated in the war against Syria, it is estimated that the total number of jihadists, local and foreign, who have been fighting in both Syria and Iraq since (2011) exceeds (350) thousand jihadists.

This is a number that exceeds the number of members of any regular army, in any country of the European Union, and twice the number of members of the Syrian Arab Army.

Sheikh (Adnan Al-Aroor), the spiritual leader of the “Free Syrian Army”, introduced the ideological unity of the jihadists.

This colorful warlike person, through his weekly television program, touches an audience of the people  inflaming their feelings by calling for the overthrow of the “tyrant” and emphasizing a dominant male vision in society.

He also gradually slid towards sectarian calls to slaughter minorities. He was arrested while a non-commissioned officer in the Syrian Arab Army, accused of raping recruits.

He subsequently fled to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where he became a sheikh.

Jihadists generally receive basic armament, and an unlimited amount of ammunition. They are organized into small combat battalions of a few hundred men.

As for their leaders, they are provided with very sophisticated weapons, especially communications bags, which enable them to obtain direct broadcast images from satellites for the movements of the Syrian Arab Army.

It is an asymmetric battle with the Syrian Arab Army, certainly better trained, but all of its weapons go back to before (2005), and it lacks information from satellites.

Unlike the Syrian Arab Army, whose units were all coordinated and placed under the authority of President Bashar al-Assad, the jihadist brigades have never stopped fighting among themselves, as in all battlefields where “warlords” compete, even though they all receive reinforcements, weapons, ammunition and information, from  LandCom-, the NATO command in Izmir (Turkey), whom are  all forced to obey.

Nevertheless, the United States faced great difficulties in operating this system, because many players intended to carry out operations in secret, out of the eyes of other allies, as the French did, for example, without the knowledge of the British, or the Qataris, at the expense of the Saudis.

Every time the Syrian Arab Army liberated a piece of land, it was burying the “jihadists” who were occupying it. They dug tunnels and built underground bunkers.

The Saudis sent billionaire (Osama bin Laden) to Afghanistan, because he was a specialist in public works.

He supervised the construction of tunnels in the mountains – or, more precisely, the expansion of underground river beds.

But this time, a number of NATO civil engineers came to Syria to oversee the construction of giant defense lines, similar to those of the great powers of World War II.

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  • Source: (voltairenet.org)

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