Daily Archives: Tuesday April 7th, 2020

Disastrous humanitarian situation awaits US-occupied Rukban camp

Against the backdrop of the spread of coronovirus infection around the world, the events and the catastrophic inhumane situation in Al Rouknban refugee camp, which is located near the border with Iraq and Jordan, are drawing attention. The camp does not meet the minimum requirements for basic necessities and there is an acute shortage of flour, sugar and many other ...

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Turkish army and its mercenaries continue their aggression on Syrian land

Despite the ceasefire agreements reached, Turkish units and militias under their control continue to fire on SAA units and civilian population centres. On the eve, rocket attacks by Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries on the villages of Cabr Sagir and Al-Abush, 40 kilometres from the town of Tel Tamr in north-western Hasakah province, killed two people and injured four ...

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