Disastrous humanitarian situation awaits US-occupied Rukban camp

Against the backdrop of the spread of coronovirus infection around the world, the events and the catastrophic inhumane situation in Al Rouknban refugee camp, which is located near the border with Iraq and Jordan, are drawing attention. The camp does not meet the minimum requirements for basic necessities and there is an acute shortage of flour, sugar and many other food items.

However, health care in the camp is deteriorating as medication is almost entirely unavailable in the camp, as almost all humanitarian supplies entering the camp are being diverted by militants from United States-controlled groups. It is noteworthy that goods and medical supplies are being used by terrorists for smuggling. In this situation, various infectious diseases are spreading in the camp, including cases of coronavirus, as reported by sources from the camp administration. All of this is taking place against the backdrop of total inaction on the part of the international community, in particular the United Nations. This attitude towards the humanitarian crisis created in the United States-controlled Ruqban camp will lead in the near future to a catastrophe that will affect thousands of civilians who have been taken hostage.



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