Daily Archives: Monday April 13th, 2020

Syria’s largest metalworking plant restarts operations in Hama

The largest metalworking plant is rehabilitating its operations in the Syrian province of Hama. The demand for the company’s products is very high due to the large-scale construction in Syria after the return of peaceful life in the territories freed from terrorists. “Our design capacity is 288,000 tons of metal per year, but unfortunately we have not reached it, and ...

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Streets and squares sterilization operations continue in Damascus and Aleppo

As part of the precautions to combat the new coronavirus, extensive street and courtyard disinfection continues in Damascus and Aleppo. The Damascus administration is carrying out disinfection in the morning and evening, said Imad Ali, head of the Damascus Department of Sanitary and Hygienic Control. As part of the fight against coronavirus, utilities have disinfected several streets at once, including ...

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