Daily Archives: Tuesday April 14th, 2020

Syria presents a Civilized Model in Dealing with Corona Virus amidst Positive Signs for a Cure

Since January 2020, the world has been facing a worsening crisis caused by the outbreak of the novel Corona virus infection (COVID-19). The World Health Organization announced that a major initiative is expected this week to accelerate the study and development of vaccines against the novel Corona virus. The Director-General of the World Health Organization “Tedros Ghebreyesus” said: “we hope ...

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Not magic, science! Researchers develop system to produce electricity out of air !

Researchers have achieved the seemingly impossible by producing electricity out of thin air. The remarkable system uses an incredibly thin film of protein Nano-wires and a little bit of air, and voila, voltage! Decades ago, scientists discovered an unusual microbe, G. Sulfurreducens, which can not only produce magnetite without oxygen, but it can also make bacterial Nano-wires that conduct electricity. ...

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