Syria, strong and superior despite the destruction

Those who demand change inside the Syrian state and throughout the entire political spectrum have often been linked to an entirely irresponsible monetary behavior, a theoretical work that is incomplete in terms of intellectual structures and lacks the foundations and methodologies for implementation and plans.

Often these change-demanders depended in their irresponsible analogies on the flashy forms of Western politics, or fascist religious models that could only survive through the death of others. When the media machine began to form the Arab Spring revolutions, it deliberately hid national economies and systematic logical social and economic policies, and focused instead on “civilized” economies linked to the International Monetary Fund, the quantities of debts, wealth consumption, and enriching the rich.

Under the influence of propaganda, the Arab citizen became fantastically impressed by neighboring models, whether the Turkish Brotherhood model and its “developing” economy, or the Saudi model with an economy concentrated in the hands of its princes, or the well-known western economies.

When news of the epidemic began to spread and that the covid-19 claimed lives in China, we did not think that these regional or western countries that cracked our heads with their progress, quality, and value would be so unsuccessful, as we watched and witnessed that there was a pathetic flop in the actions of the political classes whether it was “free” , “competent”, “elected” or “democratic” in setting appropriate procedures, whether before the disease reaches them or after its spread.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, according to the Turkish agencies, presented a new presidential improvisation in his dispersed state when he refused the resignation of his Interior Minister, Suleiman Soylu, after it was difficult for him to bear the burdens of Turkish anger as a result of the partial quarantine decision.

We must imagine the popular happiness in Turkey towards the specific Erdogan spirit and the methods of this man to lead the crises, and the strong institutionalism in which Turkey is led today, which is interested in fighting the neighborhood rather than paying attention to the deep societal chaos.

Extremist Jewish groups in the Zionist entity, according to Wala Hebrew website , refused to submit to the requests of the entity’s leaders in the need to stop reviving public religious rites, to add to a long list of rejection and counter-rejection that occurs in the Zionist spider’s house, which is still unable to form a leadership that has been conducting its affairs since a whole year.

Numerous western news reports talk about the medical sector’s deficit in Britain resulting from immediate economic policies based on profit and only profit, provided that it meets with the necessary flexibility to cope with the epidemic.

Perhaps the British Prime Minister knew this from the start when he spoke repeatedly that the disease and its catastrophic consequences were inevitable.

Wall Street Journals has published an article about America (where the Security Council, the Human Rights Council, and the headquarters of the world police chief …) talk about the fact that patients infected with the Coronavirus from a prison in Louisiana are transferred and isolated in camps where there is no health care, hospitals, or human rights .

Yes, they are death camps of the Americans, and they are the most that the US administration, that protects human rights, can offer to its citizens. All this is evidence of the US policy deficit, the comic strips of its health sectors, and the emergence of multiple weaknesses in its economy.

Contrary to all of the above and with a simple talk about the country that suffered and still suffers from the terrorism of the Turks, Zionists, Americans and the British, the Syrian government has, before everyone else, formed a specialized government team that put all the required procedures to confront the risks associated with the disease, and very realistic decisions that clarify in depth the existing capabilities and societal conditions to achieve a very comfortable effectiveness in preventing this epidemic.

This reflects an effective and qualitative institutional architecture that works systematically despite severe war conditions and the imposed blockade policies. The modern Syrian economy has distinguished itself as a diversified and rich economy, with long-term policies that target the largest segments of the population, for example in hospitals, universities, schools, transportation networks, etc.

Therefore, it was able, despite the grinding war, to succeed in what the developed countries failed to do, and to prove the falsity in all the propaganda that targeted the Syrian state for decades and those accompanying the events of the devastating Arab Spring, it also proved inability of the countries that hold hostility to Syria for a matter of rights and political activism, a rare, special and very beneficial paradox for the current generations of Syrians who lived and were tools in a very bloody story in which all available means of evil were invested in order to destroy and control the homeland.

It can be said in the end that the only right thing that every sane person should do is to build his homeland, not to listen to the strangers, no matter what the temptations are and no matter how times vary.

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