The Book (Before Our Very Eyes) – Part (26) – ISIL Fulfills the Dream of the Muslim Brotherhood : The “Caliphate”

By : (Terry Maysan)

We continue to publish part of Terry Maysan’s book, “Before Our Very Eyes”, which is dedicated to talk about the Muslim Brotherhood. In this episode, the Brotherhood and ISIL fulfill their dream to restore the caliphate.

This first terrorist state managed to fulfill its agenda for two years with Western support, as it has introduced itself through the acts of torture and beheadings in public.

ISIL and the caliphate :

It must be remembered that the members of Al-Nusra Front (Al-Qaeda in Syria) were first Syrians who went to fight in Iraq after the fall of Baghdad in 2003, then returned to Syria to participate in a pre-planned operation against the republic, which was postponed until late July 2012.

It became clear beyond any doubt when General (David Petraeus) arrived in Iraq that the actual function of these jihadists was to fight the Iraqi Shiites, to fulfill the agenda of the occupation forces.

In April (2013), the Islamic Emirate of Iraq, which those jihadists came from, was reactivated under the name of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

However, the members of Al-Nusra Front, who demanded a large share of Syria for themselves, refused to return to the mother-organization.

In May (2013), a (Zionist-American) Association called “the Syrian Emergency Task Force” organized a trip for Senator John McCain to “the part of Syria which was occupied by the terrorists”, during which he met various criminals, among whom was ( Mohammad Nour), the spokesman of the Northern Storm Brigade (Al-Qaeda), who kidnapped and detained (11) Lebanese Shiite pilgrims in Azaz.

There is a photo published by his press office shows conversations he had with the Free Syrian Army leaders, some of whom were still holding the banner of Al-Nusra Front, but there was still doubt about the identity of one of them, and I wrote about this later on and said that this was the next caliph of ISIL, something which the Secretary of the Senate had categorically denied.

He was the same man who served as a translator for the journalists, and this is what turned my doubt into certainty. But Senator McCain’s secretary has reaffirmed that my hypothesis is ridiculous and that ISIL has threatened the Senator with death several times.

Soon after, John McCain appeared on T.V and confirmed personally that he knows ISIL leaders and that he is “in constant contact with them”.

Had the senator had no illusions about the Islamists, he would have announced that he had learned the lesson from Vietnam, and that he is supporting them against President Bashar al-Assad’s “regime” only because of the strategic necessity.

Therefore, before the beginning of events in Syria, he had to organize its arms supplies starting from Lebanon, and to choose the village of (Arsal) as a background base for the operations later; moreover, he did not miss the assessment of ISIL work conditions in the future, during his journeys throughout the “jihadist” Syria.

( to be continued …)

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