Daily Archives: Thursday May 7th, 2020

The Book (Before Our Very Eyes) – part (27) – ISIL Fulfills the Dream of the Muslim Brotherhood: The “Caliphate”

By : (Terry Maysan) In December (2013), the Turkish judiciary and police reached a conclusion confirming that, for several years, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been meeting secretly with Yassin Al-Qadi, Al-Qaeda banker. There are many photos which testify that he came several times on a private plane, and was always received after disabling all the surveillance cameras ...

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Kurdistan between Illusion and Reality (Part 3)

By : (Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi) Searching out the Kurdish origins rooted in the past is almost a fantasy or a search for the impossible. Even the Kurdish researchers themselves are not unanimous in terms of the origins and roots of the Kurds in the context of the broad understanding of this issue. Not only the new researchers, but the oldest ...

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