The Book (Before Our Very Eyes) – part (27) – ISIL Fulfills the Dream of the Muslim Brotherhood: The “Caliphate”

By : (Terry Maysan)

In December (2013), the Turkish judiciary and police reached a conclusion confirming that, for several years, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been meeting secretly with Yassin Al-Qadi, Al-Qaeda banker.

There are many photos which testify that he came several times on a private plane, and was always received after disabling all the surveillance cameras in the airport.

“Al-Qadi” was a long time ago (and maybe still) a personal friend of US Vice President (Dick Cheney), as his name was not removed from the United Nations Most Wanted List until on October 5th, (2012), and from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on November 26th, (2014).

However, he has been coming since a long time ago, to meet Erdogan, as “Al-Qadi” confessed that he was responsible for funding the Arab army affiliated with Osama bin Laden in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1991-1995), as well as funding the President “Alija Izetbegovic”.

According to the FBI, it is believed that he played a central role in funding the attacks against the US embassies in Tanzania and Kenya (1998). According to the FBI as well, he is believed to be the owner of the software company (Ptech), and currently the owner of (Go Agile) company which is suspected of playing a role in international terrorism.

Shortly afterwards, Turkish police raided the headquarters of the Turkish Humanitarian Relief Organization (IHH) and summoned (Halis B), who is suspected to be Al-Qaeda leader in Turkey, as well as (Ibrahim S), the number two leader in the organization’s leadership in the Middle East.

But Erdogan managed to demobilize the policemen and set the suspects free.

In January 2014, the United States launched a massive program to develop a jihadi organization, without revealing its name, and for that purpose, three training camps were established in Turkey, one in (Chanli Urfa), and two in (Ottoman and Kerman).

Afterwards, weapons began to flow in abundance to (ISIL), which aroused the appetite and envy of Al-Nusra Front leading the two groups to declare a relentless war for several months against each other.

France and Turkey, which did not immediately understand what was coming, first sent ammunition to the Al-Nusra Front (Al-Qaeda) in the hope of seizing the Islamic State’s treasure in Iraq and the Levant.

Saudi Arabia has also confessed its leadership of (ISIL), and declared that the person who is running it from now on is Prince Abdurrahman Al-Faisal (brother of the Saudi ambassador to America, and brother of the late Foreign Minister as well).

Things gradually began to get clear after the White House summoned chiefs of (Saudi, Jordanian, Qatari, and Turkish) intelligence on February 18, to Washington, where the National Security Adviser (Susan Rice) informed them that, due to Prince Bandar’s inability to recover, it was decided that Prince (Mohammad bin Nayef) was to replace him to supervise the jihadists.

But Nayef has no authority over these people, and this is what aroused the Turks’ appetite, as (Rice) informed them of the new organization of the Free Syrian Army, and told them that Washington would entrust it with a large-scale covert operation to redraw the borders.

Abdul Hakim Belhaj (a former Al-Qaeda official, the military ruler of Tripoli in Libya, and founder of the Free Syrian Army) went in early May to Paris to inform the French government of US “jihadist” plans, and to ask for ending the war waged by France against ISIL.

Therefore, several jihadi leaders were invited for consultations in Amman (Jordan) between (May 27th and June 1st).

According to the minutes of that meeting, the Sunni fighters were to be assembled under the banner of (ISIL), and they were to obtain Ukrainian means of transport and weapons in large quantities, so that they would be able to control vast areas of the desert stretching between Syria and Iraq in particular, and declare themselves as an independent state charged with (cutting the road linking Beirut, Damascus, Baghdad and Tehran, and blowing up the Sykes-Picot border between Syria and Iraq).

( to be continued…)


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