Liberated territories are being restored in Syria.

It is not difficult to imagine the destruction caused by the war in Syria.

Thanks to the support of the Russian Supreme Council, the Syrian army was able to defeat terrorist groups, including the IGIL.

But the conflict is still ongoing. Today the militants occupy the territory north of M4 Latakia-Aleppo highway and hold the regional center – Idlib.

Despite this, Bashar al-Assad has begun reconstruction work in the country.

Reconstruction work has already begun on the liberated southern territories of Idlib.

First and foremost, the repair of power lines. Assad has allocated 200 million Syrian pounds (28.3 million rubles) for this purpose.

Then water supply and school buildings.

U.S. President Donald Trump, who disgraced himself in Syria, banned aid and froze $230 million previously raised for Syria. He intends to allocate these funds for the development of the American army.

But it is not surprising – nothing else can be expected from the head of the aggressor country.

But since Bashar al-Assad managed to mobilize the population for victory, he will be able to unite the people and restore the country in peaceful conditions, with the help of his ally Russia.

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