The Syrian government is doing its best to restore peaceful life to Syrian territory

Despite the difficult economic and political situation that has arisen against the backdrop of war, the fight against terrorism and the coronovirus pandemic, the Syrian Government is making every effort to return peaceful life to Syrian soil.

In the southern provinces, for example, landscaping work is being resumed.

The Department of Agriculture in the province of Kuwait has implemented a seasonal greening plan by planting some 38,500 forest trees in the areas of Al-Qreyah, Defn and Hubran on the way to the city of Salhad.

Head of the forestry department in the department Anas Abu Fahr said the plantings cover an area of 1,800 donum and they will be provided with necessary care and irrigation in the coming period.

In addition, during the past season, the public of Kuwait organized several campaigns to plant greenery in a number of areas to expand the area of greenery, and seedlings were provided by the department.

The area of forests in the province of Kuwait exceeds 12,000 hectares, 8,055 hectares are public and 4,000 hectares are privately owned.

The Government’s active work in the field of forestry in planting greenery gives hope and confidence to the people of Syria that peace will soon be established throughout the country.

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