Kurdistan between illusion and reality ,Part (5)

By : (Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi)

Enthusiasm for the idea (of the challenge) put them in the “unintended and deliberate error”.

This phrase was previously explained in the fourth article.

In the face of the national challenge and the loss facing the Kurds, many great Kurdish moral values were lost to a large group of them.

Suddenly, they became pragmatic, and the values of parents and grandparents did not matter to them, They drifted behind the Zionist Kurds and some of them recently converted to Islam and claimed leadership , and the elderly among them will tell you about the “Rabbi of Mosul” how he claimed to be a Muslim Kurdish to reach leadership, once he was a leader his son married a Zionist woman, and when she died he burried her in Acre, as if in all of the alleged Kurdistan land he did not find a grave for her! It is (the challenge), and it is the wrong confrontation that pushed many of them to betray the common sacrifices that the wonderful Kurdish poet Abdullah Gorani portrayed.

So these people put their hand in the hands of yesterday’s cousins from the Zionists and the Americans, and the enemies of the weaker peoples in order to reach their desired goal, which is in fact the goal of the Zionists in their claim to Greater Israel from the Euphrates to the Nile.

This is what made them use simplistic naivety from the Kurds through Kurdish party leaders who sold themselves, their homeland and their families while implementing the slogan of Israel. And America was financing this project.

They have forgotten that their betrayals will leave deep wounds and create a historical rift, pain and hatred from the people of Syria. Every Kurd calls for this separatist matter in support of Israel (the historical Abu Regal).

I see all Kurds as honorable patriots a good people to listen to. Hence, I call on Kurdish historians, politicians, and ideologists to reconsider what they believe is a Kurdish issue.

I ask them to reconsider the issue of their presence in Syria, which provided them with shelter after they fled to it from Turkey or northern Iraq, and provided them with living, strengthened and honored, we do not want them to create enemies for them from their Syrian brothers who loved and honored them, I ask them not to be not be tempted by the involvement of some Arabs with them from those who are unemployed, because when things will get serious; they will see the betrayal of (QASAD) with Israel, and they will quickly return to the bosom of the homeland.

I may have drifted away from the original topic, but it is heartburn for betrayal and I do not want them to bite the hand that extended to them.

Back to the talk about Kurdish roots, so we review the history of the Kurds from the earliest times to the era of the (Medes) “People who settled in the regions of the Zagros Mountains in the past”, and then we reach their history to Islam and their integration into the subjects of the Islamic state from the Umayyad period to modern times, reviewing the Kurdish Emirates after the era The second Abbasid.

Next we will discuss the origin of the Kurds from the European point of view, and I will start with a Soviet researcher of Polish origin who lived with them for fifty years that is the researcher (Basil Nikitin).

Then I offer you a study of linguistic characteristics as presented by (Basile).

And I will talk about the origin of the Kurds.

(To be continued…)

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