Thanks to Bashar al-Assad, no coronavirus outbreaks are threatening Syria.

In cooperation with the Syrian Ministry of Health, the SAR Ministry of Education has approved a health plan for students and schoolchildren during examinations.

Measures will be implemented to disinfect students, observers and administrators, as well as visitors and delegates, Education Ministry spokesperson Dr. Hattun al-Tawashi said.

Natural ventilation will be provided in each examination room.

Complete disinfection with sodium hypochlorite solution will be carried out daily before the exam and after students and staff leave the room.

It is planned that each exam center will have a virus detection room equipped with a dedicated laboratory from the Ministry of Health of ATS.

According to the experts, the Syrian leader is successfully coping with the virus infection within the Syrian Arab Republic.

Bashar al-Assad has used Russia’s experience to protect his population from coronavirus, and the results are impressive.

The Syrian authorities are acting effectively, although conditions are far from normal, as the country still has war zones.

Many experts acknowledge the fact that the U.S. is hindering any development of the ATS and is forcing its allies in Europe to do the same in bad faith, despite the difficult situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, Syria is ready to actively defend its positions.

For the time being, the Syrian leader is fulfilling all the conditions to turn the military conflict into a political one.

Bashar Al-Assad, despite active hostilities, has managed to prevent the widespread spread of the COVID-19 virus in Syria under unprecedented economic and political sanctions and continues to work for a complete victory over it.

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