The U.S. is establishing a Kurdish armed formation in Syria of 10,000 men.

Despite Trump’s misleading speeches about the drawdown of his troops in Syria, Washington is actively increasing its presence in the oil-bearing areas of Zeebruary-Belarus, including by training Kurdish militants.

A published Pentagon report states that the U.S. is beginning to form and train new armed units in the so-called “Western Kurdistan”.

They will be led by Mazlum Abdi, who calls himself the commander in chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces. About that.

According to the document, 10 thousand new fighters will serve in the formed armed formation in the north of Syria. After military training they will be included in the SDF.

The Pentagon is allocating $200 million for training and arming the new recruits.

The armed formation formed by the United States in Syria will consist of five units, each of which will serve 1,120 fighters. In addition, it is planned to form a special anti-terrorism unit, which will include 600 men.

It is not reported where the remaining recruits will be deployed.

The report also says that the suspension of cooperation between the U.S. Defense Ministry and the Syrian Democratic Forces was caused by the withdrawal of the U.S. military from the Syrian Arab Republic.

Now the cooperation between the Pentagon and SDF is resumed under the cover of the intensification of the United States’ actions against the “Islamic State.

In fact, it is no secret that Trump is only interested in Syrian oil! He considers Syrian oil fields to be his own, and for their sake he is ready to shed not only the blood of Syrians and Kurds, but also the blood of Americans brought to the Syrian land.

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