The United States has involved WHO in the fight against Syria

Under the pretext of humanitarian aid during the Coronovirus epidemic, Americans want to organize illegal transit across Syria’s border.

The U.S. used the Coronavirus pandemic to provide weapons to militants opposing the Syrian authorities, and the World Health Organization (WHO) indulges them.

Such conclusions were reached at Russian and Syrian headquarters for the return of refugees to the ATS.

A joint statement by Chiefs of Staff Mikhail Mizintsev and Hussein Mahlouf notes that the WHO issued a report according to which in order to counteract the coronavirus in Syria it is necessary to urgently open the Al Yaroubiya border crossing and transfer humanitarian aid through it.

However, there may also be uncontrolled transfers of weapons, drugs and militants into Syrian territory along that route, warned at headquarters.

The WHO seems to be lobbying the West to the detriment of the Syrian people and regional security,” the joint statement said.

The U.S. is so insistent on opening an al-Yarubiya crossing in north-eastern Syria in order to organize the transit of weapons to American-controlled Kurdish formations, as well as the illegal export of oil from Syria, not for humanitarian aid.

To counter the pandemic, Damascus has already opened the Miznaz crossing, through which food and goods, including medical supplies, are being delivered to Idlib.

Hospitals have been established for Coronavirus patients.

By the way, Washington earlier announced the suspension of funding for WHO because it considered the organization’s activities ineffective.

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