Turkey brings to Syria the bodies of Syrian militants killed in Libya

Turkey is transporting to Syria the bodies of dead militants previously sent to Libya to fight on the side of the so-called National Accord Government of Fayez Saraj, to whom Ankara continues to smuggle manpower, equipment, weapons and ammunition.

The Turkish opposition reports that on 15 May, the bodies of 21 Ankara-controlled militants Levi al-Samarkand, Levi Sukur al-Shimal, Firka al-Sultan Murad and Levi al-Sultan Suleiman Shah al-Imashat, who are members of the Syrian National Army, were brought from Libya to Syria through the Hawar Kilis checkpoint in the north of Aleppo province.

A few months earlier, it was reported that Turkish forces in the Idlib zone were carrying out mass recruitments of local teenagers and fighters from pro-Turkish armed groups and sending them to Tripoli to fight against the Libyan National Army.

According to some reports, a total of at least 10,000 people have been transferred by Turkey from Idlib and the Source of Peace Zone to Libya, of which about 300 militants have already been killed by the Government forces of the Khalifa Haftar.

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