Pompeo implicitly admits defeat of US strategy in Syria – Part I

Shortly after the signing by Russia and Turkey of the Sochi-related truce protocol, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo implicitly admitted defeat of the conspiracy, he and his neocon Anglican cohorts currently in control of the White House, have cocooned in lieu with Netanyahu.

How was that? On March 5, 2020, Pompeo told reporters  that  the demand for Syrian troops to pull  back to the 2018 ceasefire  lines was in fact a US demand.

In other words, the demand made by Erdogan for the Syrian Arab Army to pull back  behind the Turkish observation posts in Aleppo and Idleb countryside, were in fact a US-Israeli demand  uttered by the Turkish tongue of Erdogan.

Erdogan was waging a large-scale ground and aerial onslaught, in which a huge  number of troops, including a whole division of special Turkish forces supported by three  artillery brigades equipped with automatic 155 mm cannons as well as  portable surface to air missiles (MANPADS) deployed to  the vicinity of Turkish military bases  in Idleb and Aleppo  provinces, in addition to some 3000 tanks and  armored  vehicles all in combat  positions with troops  deployed  outside their bases and/or barracks ready to launch the pre-planned onslaught conspiratorially agreed  upon by Erdogan, Pompeo and Netanyahu.

Netanyahu’s  direct involvement in this conspiracy and his direct participation in designing and implementing  its phases can be evidenced by his statements during his re-election  campaign.

He  overtly said that his re-election would get  Iran out of Syria. However, this  hostile  large-scale onslaught has failed thanks to the heroic steadfastness  of Syria and her allies, who managed to thwart  this  huge assault and  retain their  previous  gains. With all of his plans  and mobilizations meeting such a resounding defeat, Erdogan has had no option but to fly to  Moscow and beg for a face-saving exit.

Talking about the failure of the Turkish onslaught, one should shed enough light on the tactical withdrawal op conducted by Syria and allies from the strategic  town of Saraqeb and the subsequent blitz operation carried out that  night to regain it.

The operation was  carried out by the Hizbollah-affiliated al-Ridhwan special forces  brigade.

Besides regaining the town, the operation was  meant to carry out a wide-scale  offensive to gain  control of the area, fortify  positions in this area and build up defensive lines during the night to defend it in the morning without an aerial  cover.

In other words, the success of the  operation was secured thanks to the competence of combatants using anti-tank missiles as well as short and medium-range missiles.

The mission was to hit  enemy mass-up  forces and leading conduit troops before they manage to  launch their  counter-offensive.

In the strategic  sense, the Saraqeb regaining  battle  was  as significant as the Bint Jubeil battle or the Mirkava “massacre” in the  al-Hujair valley  during the  Israeli  war  on Lebanon in 2006 (when resistance forces  managed to  destroy a large  number of the invading  Israeli Mirkava tanks).

In both cases, the lines of victory were clearly marked and reinstated. Saraqeb  battle  has  re-drawn the map of victory by Syria and allies in as much as it has shown the defeat of the US-Israeli-Turkish aggression.

The  outcome of this battle  formed the basis on which the Putin-Erdogan deal was sealed in Moscow. According to  some US Military  experts who are still serving in the Army (i.e. Active Pentagon Generals), the deal can be viewed as the following:

1 – It has reinstated   the military gains scored by the joint forces (Syria and allies) since 2018,  i.e. after Sochi.

2- The signing of the Moscow agreement between President Putin and Erdogan  has put an end to Pompeo’s  attempt to establish a US-Turkish alliance to topple  Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, as  overtly  and explicitly announced in September 2018 by the then US National  Security Adviser  John Bolton, coupled with a surge of military and diplomatic  pressures applied at the behest of the US State  Department to  topple  President Assad  and force the Iranians out of Syria.

All of this provides further evidence to the close coordination between the US Administration and Netanyahu  concerning the presence of Iranian military advisers in Syria.

To be continued..

The Source: An article by Mohamed Sadeq al-Husseini  published by the Arabic-language “Al-Binaa”  newspaper.

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