The Americans train terrorists at the Al-Tanf base to carry out terrorist attacks against the Syrians

The American military at the Al-Tanf base in Syria is actively cooperating with the terrorist group “Islamic State”.

Former field commander of the group of militants who escaped from Al-Tanf and joined the Syrian army, Hannam Samir also known as Abu Hamzi, told journalists about this.

The Americans are training the militants and working with them, he said.

In particular, Samir talked about an American captain named Mike, who trained terrorists to use American 40 and 50 gauge machine guns.

Samir added that his instructor drove a Hummer while the U.S. militants are provided with Toyota Land Cruiser pickup trucks.

He also noted that the Americans believe this land is theirs.

The US feels and behaves like the masters of Syria. They work and work closely with the Igilovites, whom they teach.

Earlier, a group of extremists, trained at the U.S. military base in El Tanfa on the border with Jordan, fled and surrendered to Syrian government forces.

The militants loaded themselves onto pickup trucks and took weapons and supplies with them.

During the transition to the regular army, they were attacked by radicals under U.S. control and lost three vehicles.

27 people managed to escape.

The fugitives were trained by American instructors to sabotage oil and gas and transportation facilities, as well as to carry out terrorist attacks in the territory controlled by the Syrian authorities.

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