Pompeo implicitly admits defeat of US strategy in Syria – Part II

With such a series of  victories culminating in the regaining of Saraqeb, the  joint  forces (Syria and allies) have managed, first and foremost, to put an end to Erdogan’s Ottoman-like dreams, to Pompeo’s illusions and to the illusions of both Pompeo’s  envoy to Syria James Jeffery and  Washington’s envoy to the United Nations  Kelly Craft,  both of whom  were  “brought” to Idleb  by Erdogan’s Minister of Defense to celebrate a “victory” he was dreaming of.

He was fancying that the Turkish Army onslaught would be a “success” and they would capture the  entire province of Idleb as well as the western and south-western countryside of  Aleppo so that they would be in  control of the strategic  motorways M5 and M4.

Had something of the sort  really taken place, the entire battle of northern Syrian from Kassab in the West up to Qamishli  in the East would have ended up in  favor of the Zio-US-Turkish-Israeli axis. Fortunately enough for Syria, the exact opposite  has happened.

The Russian-Turkish deal  has not only  recognized the Syrian government’s control of all  the  areas  liberated since 2018 and thus far, but has  de facto secured Syria’s control  over all the areas lying to the  south of Aleppo-Latakia motorway – a vast area  still in the hands of Erdogan’s  terrorist  proxies.

The  6-km-deep “safe zone” along each side of the motorway would effectively cut off all supply lines to the terrorist proxies  still  holding on to some positions to  the south of the motorway and would render these  positions militarily fallen.

The new military balance set on the Syrian battlefield has knocked down the delusional dreams of Washington’s envoy (US Ambassador) to the UN Kelly Craft,  wife of the Billionaire Joe Craft since 2016. Joe  Craft is  rated as the third largest  producer of Coal in the United States.

His wealth is put at about four billion US dollars and he is an investor in several energy companies.

So, may  be she  was hopeful that Erdogan would control Idleb province and  this would open the way for her husband to be in control of the Energy sector in Idleb and elsewhere.

The fanciful dreams of James Jeffery, known for his close links to the Military Industrial Complex, were likewise blown up in the air.

Jeffery was ostensibly dreaming that the Turkish Army would sweep through the  countryside areas of both Aleppo and Idleb so that chances of selling  Patriot batteries to Turkey would be enhanced.

He has been repeatedly demanding the US Administration to supply Turkey with Patriot missile batteries, but top Pentagon Generals repeatedly turned these demands  down. Erdogan, too, was asking the US to supply him with Patriot systems,  especially in mid February, when he was in full swing to launch the pre-planned  conspiracy in Northern Syria, in  coordination with Netanyahu and Pompeo.

To be  clear, the Pentagon top brass Generals,  who view their “Kurdish”  allies as  more  competent  and less  costly than Turkey – often dubbed as  NATO’s “second largest” army – have thrown James Jeffery’s delusional dreams under the bus, because they care more for the effectiveness of  the  Patriot systems  than the mere marketing.

In light of all available data,  one can easily notice that the Ridwan Brigade and fellow resistance formations, including  thousands of  Yemeni  fighters, who are eager to join the resistance  fold on the  northern front, are now  ready for any potential  show-down with the occupation entity, in case it decided to venture into  an all-out war.

The source: (An article by Mohamed Sadeq al-Husseini  published by the Arabic-language “Al-Binaa”  newspaper) .

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