The Current World is between Arguments and Responses

By  : ( Dr. Ahmad Al Haj Ali )

At the center of the catastrophe sweeping the world today, basic arguments run over the roots of this catastrophe, the current situation and the future possibilities.

Among these arguments prevailing in media and political analysis, we choose three:

The first argument is framed by the dominant idea that the world after Coronavirus will be different from what it was before, so it is an open-ended argument, and it could include an indefinite number of possibilities.

The second argument is all over the assumptions about how we will overcome this humanitarian calamity on the medical, social and temporal level.

The third argument suggests the idea that the West; i.e. both Europe and the US, pay dearly through Coronavirus pandemic, and that the gaps and faults appeared in the West are huge and great to the extent that the West is considered very poor and deserves lamentation, and all the world must rush to help the West with all sources of help and assistance in the world.

We notice that the three arguments are merely assumptions and expectations that have not gained any degree of credibility or reliability, and it is futile to base our argument on them. Delusion only produces itself, and here we must emphasize on the following:

The West, with its civilizational, ideological, and behavioral structures, will remain the same and its balance is how superior it is to others, how aggressive it is against peoples, and how much oppression and looting it practices and destruction it causes.

How the West will change and the historical experience so far has offered nothing but distress, the oppression to others, the entrenchment of military and technological power and expressing this power by atrocious massacres, which the world is still suffering from their repercussions until now.

The West will never be itself and its opposite at the same time. The way is open, in the crisis and after the crisis, to deepen the aggressive root and philosophize the relationship with the nations of the world.

As a result, Coronavirus will become nothing but a spur to renew the approach of injustice and wickedness in the Western behavior.

It is worth affirming the western violations that resume occupation, spread terrorism and wage economic war without hesitation.

As for the position of the Arabs and their causes, according to this western trend, it is always an issue to be raised and requires the perpetuation of aggression against them.

The western approach in dealing with the Arabs and their causes will not change over the course of time.

We had enough incorrect responses to incorrect arguments.

The current behavior indicates the depths and tasks of the West in Coronavirus stage, confirming the continuity of the same major tasks with or without Coronavirus.

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