Kurdistan between illusion and reality ,Part (6)

By : ( Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi )

Kurdistan between illusion and reality ,Part (6) By :Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi In these articles, we will review what some of the Kurdish scholars say that they are (Caucasus), or of Caucasian race.

And this is while talking about the inhabitants of the Zagros Mountains, the first generation, what others have said about their Aryan origin, and what some of them have said are of Chaldean origin.

After we study the Arab upbringing of the Kurds, we wonder: Are the Kurds a nation? The picture becomes clear to us through which we can answer the question: (Kurdistan, is it an illusion, or is it true?).

Or is there an established historical fact or was it woven by the imagination of Kurdish politicians.

There must be a prolonged pause with the Kurds in Syria, how and why did the Kurds migrate to Syria in the modern era, and from where did they migrate to it, and why their displacement to Syria specifically ?!

This prompts us to detail the names of the Kurdish tribes, many of whose people immigrated to northern Syria and the Turks took off from the real land of Kurdistan, and pushed them to Syria to form an illusion of emptying the real Kurdistan in Turkey and pushing them into illusion.

With this, Turkey will get rid of the Kurds who are the real inhabitants of southeastern Turkey for the sake of the Turkish-Israeli illusion of what we have mentioned of the illusion of the Zionists, “Your borders, Israel from the Euphrates to the Nile”, Israel is moving these Kurds and controlling them with American money and Turkish will, as the lands of the Kurds are emptied in Turkey and pushed to northeastern Syria, Israel replaces them with (Turkmen and Igor) placing by this a demographic barrier between Turkey and Syria instead of the current reality.

As an Arab scholar, I am experiencing the tragedy of the Palestinian people, I cannot ignore the tragedy of the Kurdish people that Turkey and Israel are trying to transfer from their lands in southeast Turkey to the Syrian lands on the Euphrates Island to realize the dreams of Israel and Turkey.

It is unfortunate that some important Kurdish politicians sold their homelands in Turkey and became enemies of Syria, they demanded the separation and America deceived them that Turkey would take them a corridor north of Syria to the Mediterranean.

This is the summary of the Turkish-American secret Kurdish talks, and when Turkey pushes (143) Kurdish tribe from its land to the Euphrates Island, the population of the island becomes five million and perhaps more to be recognized as a Kurdish state by America, then it will imposes this in the United Nations and at that time Turkish will recognize it as well! .

Turkish will recognize it as well! . Israel will be the sponsor of this Kurdish entity and American funding.

May God have mercy!

(To be continued…)

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