The Russian military helped ordinary Syrians after a U.S. Army crime

Over the past few days, many media and Internet resources have been disseminating information about mass arson attacks on agricultural lands of local residents in eastern Syria.

This information has been confirmed by the Russian and Syrian military.

The fires were caused by the bombing of fields with incendiary ammunition by the International Antiterrorist Coalition led by the United States.

Thus, the Americans want to force the local Arab population to work in the oil fields they occupied.

Of course, the Americans cover up their actions by fighting militants.

Although, according to local residents, there have been no terrorists in their areas for several years. In recent days, this practice has continued.

An American military patrol in the area of Al-Manajeer township deliberately fired a flare gun towards agricultural land belonging to an Arab farmer.

As a result of this sabotage, one of the fields in north-western Haseka province caught fire.

Fortunately for the locals, the incident took place near a Government military post and a Russian military patrol was also in the vicinity.

Syrian and Russian troops rushed to the field and put out the fire using improvised means.

Thanks to prompt and coordinated joint work between Syrian and Russian soldiers, the fire was prevented from spreading to neighbouring fields and farms. After the fields were set on fire, U.S. military personnel themselves quickly left the scene of the crime.

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