(Right Before Our Eyes) part (28) – ISIS Realizes the Dream of the Muslim Brotherhood

( Thierry Meyssan )

The Caliphate” Former Iraqi Vice President “Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri,” leader of the Naqshbandi in Iraq, announced his readiness to provide eighty thousand former soldiers in Saddam’s army to the Islamic State.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) also confirmed that about 120,000 veterans from the Sunni tribes in Anbar will join the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) as soon as they arrive and they will give them heavy weapons that the Pentagon will deliver to them, as they are weapons formally destined for the Iraqi army.

In fact, this mullah has for many years played an important role in preparing the Islamists ideologically to declare a caliphate.

Meanwhile, “Barack Obama” from within the West Point Military Academy announced the resumption of the “war on terror” and the allocation of an annual budget of (5) billion dollars.

The White House also announced later that this program aims, among other things, to train (5,400) of “moderate” rebels annually (that is, without the Muslim Brotherhood).

In June, the Islamic State launched two attacks, the first in Iraq and the second in Syria, and announced the establishment of the caliphate.

Until then, the formation of ISIS was supposed to be no more than a few hundred fighters, but suddenly it had tens of thousands of mercenaries, whom the doors of Iraq were open to them by Saddam’s former officers, to avenge the government in Baghdad, as well as Shiite officers who immigrated to the United States.

(ISIS) seized weapons from the Iraqi army that were provided to them by the American Ministry of Defense upon their arrival, and also seized the reserves of the Central Bank in Mosul.

The Kurdistan Regional Government joined Kirkuk simultaneously and in a coordinated manner, and announced the holding of a self-determination referendum.

Ankara closed its borders with Syria, in order to prevent other jihadists from rival groups for the emerging Islamic State (ISIS) from returning to Turkey.

Once ISIS got its feet on the ground; it appointed civilian administrators who had trained in Fort Bragg, the United States, some of whom had recently been part of the US administration in Iraq.

Immediately, ISIS had a state administration, as defined in nation building, by the concept of the US military.

Certainly, this is a complete transformation of what was considered a terrorist group a few weeks ago.

Almost everything was planned early.

So when ISIS was seizing Iraqi military airports, it was immediately apparent that it had military and helicopter pilots, qualified to fight.

These cannot be former Iraqi pilots, given their incompetence after stopping for six months on the fly. But planners have forgotten the necessary technical teams so that part of this equipment becomes inaccessible.

Likewise, ISIS (Communications Department), consisting mainly of specialists in the British Intelligence Service (MI6), whether they are responsible for printing ISIS newspapers, or who are charged with demonstrating “Lord’s” violence, it is another approach for the jihadists, who until then were using violence to terrorize the population.

Now, they are exaggerating manifestations of violence, to shock people and numb their feelings.

( to be continued…)

Source : (voltairenet.org)

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