The Criminal History of the Turks against Minorities

Some say that they are of Mongolian origins, others claim that they belong to Caucasian peoples, but I attribute them to their true father: The Devil.

Did you know that there are lost cities in Syria,? I have always wondered: Why are there ‘lost cities in the countryside of Aleppo and Idlib? And how did they become lost? And how did they become forgotten?

(800) cities and villages in Aleppo and Idlib, that were prosperous and swarming with people and life, suddenly became extinct between the 10th and 20th centuries AD.

How and Why? What was that corrosive epidemic that swept all the features of human civilization in its way?

What is the common factor between the North of Taurus Mountains, Armenia, Greece and Syria? The answer is: The Turkish plague.

Throughout history, all countries undergone wars and invasions, but not all countries faced genocide wars.

This is how the rural areas of Aleppo and Idlib were emptied of their indigenous people and how the cities of these victims became lost cities, and that is why (Diyarbakir, Aintab, and Cilicia) were cleansed from their indigenous Syriac people who had lived there for thousands of years before (1923).

The Ottoman Turkey is responsible for killing (6) million people and displacing another (24) millions:

 In (1515), the massacres of Aleppo and Maarat al-Numan against the Alawites and Christians, lasted (7) days, leaving (40) thousand martyrs in Aleppo and (15) thousand ones in Maarat al-Numan.

 In (1516), (10) thousand people were martyred in the massacres of Idlib countryside, while in Hama and Homs, (35) thousand were martyred.

 In (1517), Aleppo massacres against the Alawites after the issuance of the Hamidiya fatwas against them led to the death of more than (70) thousand people.

 In (1846), massacres against the Christians in Damascus (Bab Tuma and Bab Sharqi) caused (11) thousand martyrs in Damascus, and (6) thousand in Latakia.

 Also in (1846), the massacres of Qalamoun, Maaloula, Saidnaya, Rankous, Jbadin, Maarat Saidnaya and Talfita, left (20) thousand Christian martyrs, and forced the majority the people of these villages to convert to Islam.

 In (1847), Badr Khan massacres against the Assyrians, in which (10) thousand Assyrians were martyred in the Hakkari region.

 In (1895), the massacres of Diyarbakir and the Tur Abdin against the  Armenians, where more than (15) thousand were martyred.

 In (1909), the massacres of Adana where (30) thousand Armenians were martyred at the hands of the Ottomans.

 Between (1914) and (1916), massacres caused the death of (600) thousand Syriacs in the region of Taurus Mountains and Mount Azal.

  Between (1915) and (1916), Armenians genocides  as well, where (one and a quarter million) Armenians were martyred in Diyarbakir, Armenia, Azerbaijan, northern Iraq, Anatolia, Adana, Tur Abdin, and the Taurus Mountains.

 Between (1914) and (1920), the genocide of Sipho against the Syriacs and Assyrians, where (400-500) thousand people were martyred.

 Between (1914) and (1923), the massacres of Ottomans against Pontic Greece, caused the martyrdom of (350) thousand Greek.

 In (1939), the Iskenderun  and Cilicia were Turkified.

 In (2018), the Ottoman Erdogan accomplished the demographic change in Afrin and northern Syria, by settling the Turkmen, and the members of the Legion of al-Rahman and their families in Afrin, and members of the Saudi Army of Islam and families in the north of the Euphrates.

Is this why some people who hold the Syrian citizenship in the countryside of Aleppo and Idlib demonstrated against the Syrian state and the Syrian army in 2011?

(Dr. Reem Arnouk)

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