(Right Before Our Eyes) part (29) – ISIS Realizes the Dream of the Muslim Brotherhood :

( Thierry Meyssan )

” the Caliphate ” The videos produced perfectly by ISIS have touched many minds strongly, it also attracted those who like “snuff films”.

ISIS’s remarkable success has attracted Islamists from all over the world. If Al Qaeda was the reference of the Islamists in the era of Osama bin Laden and his peers, then the Caliph “Ibrahim” is their new idol.

Jihadist groups around the world began following ISIS one by one. ISIS immediately began exploiting Iraqi and Syrian oil, and transporting crude oil, either through the pipeline controlled by the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, or by tankers from the Serii Company and the Automotiv Company, through the border crossings in Carchemish, Qajat Qala.

Toproash also refined a portion of Turkish crude oil for local consumption in Batman, then shipped the rest to Ceyhan Port, Mersin, and Dortol on board ships belonging to the (Palmali Shipping & Agency JSC) company owned by billionaire (Turkish-Azerbaijani) Mubariz Gurbanglu “.

Most of the Syrian crude oil was being transported to Israel, where false certificates of origin were given there, before the tankers continued their route to Europe (in France, where it was refined in the city of Foss-sur-Mer).

The remainder is shipped directly to Ukraine. This mechanism is well known by professionals, and it was mentioned at the International Conference of Oil Companies (June 19-15 in Moscow).

Speakers emphasized that Aramco (US / Saudi Arabia) markets ISIS oil in Europe, while Exxon Mobil (the Rockefeller family company that rules Qatar) liquidates Nusra Front oil.

The representative of the European Union in Iraq, Ambassador (Jana Ibaskova) confirmed after a few months, in a hearing before the European Parliament, that member states of the European Union support ISIS by buying their oil.

The UN Security Council failed in the first stage to condemn this smuggling, and its president went on to recall the ban on trade with terrorist organizations.It became necessary to wait until the month (February 2015) to vote on the issuance of Resolution No. (2199). Mubariz Gurbanoglu withdrew as a result of the decision and sold several of his ships; Mecid, Aslanov, Begim Aslanova, poet Cain, Armada Prize and Shovket Alekperova to BMZ DENIZCILIK INSAAT group, a shipping company owned by Bilal Erdogan, son of Rajab Tayyip Erdogan, who continues his work with smuggling.

Things remained that way until the G20 summit in November 2015, in Antalya, when President Putin accused Turkey of violating the UN resolution and marketing ISIS oil.

The head of operations in the Russian army, General (Sergey Rodsky), publicly disclosed, during a press conference, about (8,500) images taken by satellites of tanks crossing the border into Turkey.

Russian aviation immediately destroyed the tankers on Syrian soil, but most of the smuggling operations were passing through Iraqi Kurdistan, under the responsibility of President Masoud Barzani.

After that, work was carried out to expand the “Yomortalik” oil station (connected to the Turkish-Iraqi pipeline Kirkuk – Ceyhan), so the storage capacity became 1.7 million tons.

All tankers owned by the oil company are owned by a company called (Powertans) which obtained without bidding the right to monopolize the transportation of oil on Turkish lands.

It is also owned by a very mysterious company called (Grand Fortune Ventures), based in Singapore, that was then moved to the Cayman Islands.

Behind all this montage a big company was hiding ; Çalık Holding, the company owned by (Berat al-Bairaq) Turkish Energy Minister, and a brother -in-law of President Erdogan.

As for the oil that was transported through the Kurdish pipeline, it was sold in the same way. Every time the Iraqi government condemned the Barzani family’s collusion with ISIS, and the theft of Iraqi public property shared by both parties, Ankara has always pretended to be surprised.

Which prompted Erdogan to freeze the resources of the Kurds at the expense of a Turkish bank, awaiting clarification from Erbil and Baghdad, their positions.

Since the benefits arising from this withheld funds were not reported in the Turkish budget, they were automatically transferred to the AKP account.

( to be continued…)

Source : (voltairenet.org)

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