Right Before Our Eyes Part (30) – ISIS fulfills the dream of the Muslim Brotherhood: the “caliphate”

( Thierry Meyssan )

In September 2014, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi eliminated the senior cadres of his organization, accusing Moroccan officers in general, and Tunisians in particular of not obeying orders, so they were all sentenced to death, and the sentence was carried out, to be replaced by jihadists from Georgia, China,the Uighurs , and Chechnya.

Thus, an officer of the Georgian Military Intelligence (Tarkhan Baterachvili) became the right arm of the caliph under the name “Abu Omar Al-Shishani”.

And with clear innocence, “Irakli Asania”, the Georgian Defense Minister and the former head of the “Abkhazian government-in-exile”, expressed his willingness, at the same time, to host camps to train Syrian jihadists in his country.

On September 13, President Barack Obama announced, in response to the widespread atrocities committed, and following the execution of American journalists, the creation of an international coalition to fight ISIS.

However, during the battle of (Kobani) Ain Al-Arab in Syria, American Air Force planes enjoyed a “fake” bombardment of ISIS camps for one day, and then proceeded to drop weapons, ammunition, and supplies into the air by parachute, for the rest of the other days.

At the time, the coalition countries announced that they were conducting an operation against (Khorasan Group)affiliated to al-Qaeda in Syria.

Although there is no evidence of the existence of this group, the American media have confirmed that a French intelligence operative named “David Drugeon” is charged with the task of leading this group.

But the French Ministry of Defense denied this.

But the French Ministry of Defense denied this. Then the American media later reaffirmed that it was “Drugeon” who, for the French intelligence service, trained Mohamed Merah (responsible for the attacks in Toulouse and Montauban in 2012) and the Quaché brothers (responsible for the attack against the Charlie Hebdo newspaper in Paris).

In the hope of expanding its financial resources, ISIS has imposed a tax system on the lands it manages, ransoms for prisoners, and trafficking in antiquities.

The task of supervising this activity was entrusted to (Abu Sayyaf Al-Iraqi).

Antiques that were stolen from Syria were being sent to Gaziantep (Turkey).

It was either shipped directly to the antique collectors, who ordered these pieces from these Turkish companies :(Şenocak Nakliyat, Devran Nakliyat, Karahan Nakliyat et Egemen Nakliyat,), or sold at the Antika market, (Bakırcılar Çarşısi).

Moreover, when Afghan President Hamid Karzai left power, he withdrew the license to transport Afghani opium and heroin from the Kosovars, and gave it to the Caliphate.

For many years, the family of the Afghan President – especially his brother Ahmed Wali Karzai until his assassination – controlled the country’s main opium cartel.

Afghanistan, under the protection of the American armed forces, has reached 380 tons of heroin per year, out of 430 tons flowing annually to the global market.

This trade made the Karzai family a resource that in (2013) amounted to three billion dollars. And ISIS became responsible for transporting drugs to Europe through its African and Asian branches.

Finally, the Turkish mafia run by Prime Minister (Ben Ali Yildirim) established fake heroin factories on the lands occupied by ISIS, and the Western markets were flooded with them.

(To be continued…)  

Source : (voltairenet.org)

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