National reconciliation is the way to save Syrians from the control of armed groups

Yesterday I visited the village of Tafas, province of Derya and talked with the local population and those who decided to lay down their arms and go over to the side of the government.

Not a big excursion : TAFAS is a city that is currently under the control of militants of the so-called Syrian Free Army. Faces covered with black scarves, machine guns at the ready.

These people have not yet taken the side of reconciliation.

However, there are those who do not share their opinion. Several groups, after negotiations with the Russian military, had previously gone to the world.

Passed heavy weapons and some types of small arms.

I talked to some of them. In a conversation, former representatives of these gangs admitted that they simply fought.

Now most of them understand who and, most importantly, why they paid money for the bloodshed of the same Syrians as they are. They often recall a peaceful life, before the war.

“I remember how we lived before. Everything was much better.

Now Russia is helping us out of this difficult situation. I believe that the only right decision is reconciliation”, said Muhammad Barada.

Others are of the same opinion. However, very few people talk about it aloud, they are afraid. After all, as I said earlier, militants control Tafas.

In general, visiting this once-blooming city in the southern province and talking with some of its residents, I make a conclusion that the TAFAS administration need to listen to its people and come to terms.

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