Whoever stands in the way of the United States will be destroyed forever if you do not agree to submit to it

Despite such a beautiful name for the law – “Caesar”.

There is nothing more outstanding in the law. And the law itself, as it turned out, was named after a simple traitor to his country, an ordinary photographer of the Syrian military police.

Who smuggled out nearly 55,000 photographs, allegedly testifying to the systematic torture committed by the Syrian government.

The law calls for an end to the hostilities and the Assad regime, not taking into account the fact that at present there is no alternative to the head of state’s sweat.

According to experts, “Caesar” is a direct message about a possible punishment for the allies of the Syrian regime, and also warns the Gulf countries and some European states that are trying to normalize relations with B.

Assad and nothing more. The main goal is to leave Syria without allies.

Against the background of the already difficult economic situation in the country, the Americans are coming up with increasingly sophisticated methods of waging war against our people.

Over the past few months, the pound has already lost about 70% of its value and basic goods have become inaccessible to many Syrians.

And the consequences of the sanctions will destroy the Syrian economy and further worsen the standard of living of the population.

By its law, America once again showed its disregard for primarily civilians in Syria.

The most important thing for the United States is its own enrichment at the expense of other states, unleashing conflicts anywhere, but only if away from their country.

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