For these reasons, economic pressures against Syria are doomed to failure

– Two years ago, when the military situation in Syria headed for somehow calamity; Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad warned us and addressed the crises that Syria will face in the future, he warned of the economic and media attacks of the enemy and the need to prepare to be present in these two important arenas. And two years after these warnings, this point became more clear than ever that the enemy, and after its defeat in the military battlefield, made it a top priority to win the media (soft war) and economic fronts.

–  The exaggeration of some intermittent protests on the living conditions and the serious media focus on them, raising some family issues among the Syrian rulers and trying to politicize and exaggerate them, as well as attempts to suggest this suspicion that Syria’s allies have abandoned in these new circumstances the Syrian government and the efforts made to amplify the effects of the American “Caesar” law on The future of Syria … all point to the different dimensions of this new trend.

All these coordinated, intensfied and targeted measures are carried out in the following circumstances:

  • First: Syria’s allies and sympathizers have never and will never fail to support Syria, the government, the people, and the best testimony to this is the continuous visits of Iranian officials to Damascus (even at the height of the Corona virus) and the enhancement of Iranian advisory assistance to this country, and at the same time the appointment of the Russian ambassador as A direct official of the Russian President in Syrian affairs, as well as giving a mission to the Russian Foreign and Defense Ministers to consolidate relations between the two countries.

  • Second: The “Caesar” law, if it leaves a potential impact on the Syrian economy, has left these effects in the current circumstances, so we should not expect a special event to occur on the normal economy in the future.

  • Third : In view of the new changes in the Russian constitution and the marginalization of Western loyalists in this country, and also due to the insistence of the authorities in the Kremlin to continue this trend, it is unlikely that we can imagine that the Syrian file has been placed on the negotiating table and bargaining with Syria’s enemies, in addition to this, the Syrian people During the years of war and embargo, has demonstrated that it had reached a level of competence so that it could safeguard its future and political independence by itself away from any foreign aid.

  • Given the aforementioned, it is clear that the psychological and economic pressures will not have a major impact on the determination and will of the Syrian people and their government because, unlike the past, foreign parties have no hopes for the effectiveness of the armed opposition, which was a major factor in destabilizing Syria and at the same time the Syrian people have arrived to the conviction that between the endurance of foreign economic pressures and the return of war and a new and continuing crisis to his country, he will definitely choose to withstand and resist economic pressures.

  • Undoubtedly, the escalation of the Zionist aggressions against Syria in the current circumstances takes place in light of these psychological attacks so that the enemy tells the Syrian people that the focus on economic pressure coinciding with the military battles is the result of the people’s support for the legal government in this country, but it is evident that the Syrian people believes more than ever,that the Israeli entity is its first enemy that occupies the Golan, which increases its hatred for this occupied enemy day in and day out.

  • Source: al-Alam t.v

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