Right Before Our Eyes Part (31) finale – ISIS fulfills the dream of the Muslim Brotherhood : the “caliphate”

(Thierry Meyssan)

The elimination of ISIS: On May 21 (2017) from Riyadh, President Donald Trump announced that the United States would back down from establishing a Sunni state (the Islamic State’s caliphate) on land between Iraq and Syria, as well as stop supporting international terrorism, and urges all Muslim countries to do the same thing.

This letter was prepared in coordination with great care with the Pentagon and Prince Muhammad bin Salman, but not with London.

As an obedient country to the American master, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia immediately began dismantling the giant mechanism to support the Muslim Brotherhood that it had established over sixty years, while Britain, Qatar, Turkey and Malaysia failed to keep abreast of developments in the United States.

In August 2017, London launched the Arakan Rohingya Army to rescue the Burmese government. For a month, it had fed international opinion with fabricated information blaming the exodus of Muslim Rohingya from Myanmar in Bengal for the practices of the Burmese Buddhist army against them.

This was the launching of the second phase of the “clash of civilizations”: after Muslims attack Christians, here is the attack of Buddhists on Muslims.

However, the operation was halted when Saudi Arabia ceased its support for the Rohingya Salvation Army, based in Mecca. In the end, the United States, Iran, and Iraq expel ISIS from Iraq, while Syria and Russia expel it from Syria.

President (Anwar Sadat) tried to restore the caliphate, which Hassan al-Banna imagined in 1928 to achieve personal ends, but cost him his life.

The dream was finally fulfilled by ISIS, but it failed. The resistance of the Arab population was very strong and President Trump’s objection did not allow the experiment to continue.

It is not possible at this time to know whether the Islamic Emirate has a mandate from the guide to announce the caliphate, or whether it has taken advantage of Western support to do so.

However, the “jihadists” will not stop.

Source : (voltairenet.org). 

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