Caesar Act Reveals USA Capitulation; the Bet on Loser Caesar

The preparation for Caesar Act reminds me of the Americans’ obsession with propaganda.

It resembles the advertisements that precede the American movies and the promos published before any Hollywood production.

Actually, we -know the Americans   as we know the palms of our hands, they adore chattering because it exhausts the opponents and makes them irresolute and submissive.

This is the case of Caesar Act that the Americans deafened us with thousands of introductions, explanations and details to introduce it, telling us that: no matter what you do, Caesar Act is coming and will be imposed sooner or later.

The world now looks forward to seeing Caesar Act which will solve all our problems.

Furthermore, whoever hears the details of Caesar Act narrated by the Americans and their agents will think that s/he is listening to horror stories or the Arabian nights, and that the Syrians – will wander aimlessly and starve to death, as Caesar Act itself will bring about the defeat of the Syrians which both Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi and Al-Julani were unable to do! Caesar Act will also take revenge against the Syrians who destroyed the Ottomans and impaled Erdogan!

Although logic dictates that being under blockade, the Turks should not accept Caesar Act, yet, they think it will serve as a means to take revenge from the Syrians.

The MOC, Netanyahu, Arab, western and masonic operating rooms that were all defeated by the Syrians , Caesar Act will bring them the Head of John the Baptist from the Umayyad Mosque and put it on Trump’s plate ! Due to the many explanations I been hearing about Caesar Act over the last two years, I actually became certain that it is being overdramatized just like any American commercial product, and that it is rather the Act of the helpless, the disabled and the powerless.

Although the purpose of Caesar Act is to prevent all companies   around the world from having any contact with the Syrian economy, Act, put the stick in the wheel of reconstruction and the consolidation of victory phase, and try to turn the coming victory into a hollow one, as it is an act prepared by the Americans for the phase of post-withdrawal from Syria; yet, this much ado about the act reflects its hollow content and means that this is all bark with no bite.

Americans are known for their arrogance, for when they occupy a country they pass military laws rather than economic ones; however, when they become a weak force outside the borders and abandon military force, they resort to this kind of soft laws; Caesar Act is a reissuance of the same old acts related to blockade which we have become familiar with but with some new details.

Thus, Caesar Act is the act of American failure, and it means that the Americans are only threatening to use it due to their disability of staying on the ground, so it represents a preparation for their final withdrawal, leaving thereby an alternative to the direct occupation which is the economic one, as they think that the phase of liberating the eastern area and carrying out resistance operations has ended.

Dr. Bashar Al-Jaafari has explained the details of this Act to the UN delegates, and the explanation of course was not meant for the delegations to understand its details, but it was rather a clear message to the Americans to spare their efforts to clarify, advertise, intimidate and threaten.

We do know what they mean by Caesar Act and realize all their plans and wishes, so if they want us to recite the boring lesson about the supernatural abilities of this act and the damage it will cause, we will do that without missing any minute detail.

In other words, the meaning of Al-Jaafari’s message was composed on the Syrian style (all your conspiracies are exposed to us, so try something else); we are fully aware of the details of this stupid hollow act which will not change  anything in our attitude, and we will not care about it actually.

Without any official Syrian showy announcement on the American style, this act is a warning to implement a law issued by Christ on this Syrian land saying: “render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s”.

American Caesar will get  the resistance and fight which it deserves.

The eternal question remains : what will Caesar Act do more than it has threatened us with  when it is faced with our promise and in and resistance in all directions ?

Caesar Act is the act of playing with the remaining time before the inevitable and  final American withdrawal, and it is the only mess they can stir before they leave.

No act in this whole wide world can change the destiny of the American forces in the region.

America will go out, Caesar Act will get what it deserves and vanishes, and John the Baptist will stay is his land, in the heart of the Omayyad Mosque, right under everyone’s nose. .

By : ( Naram Serjoun )

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