Kurdistan between Illusion and Reality (Part 8)

With the beginning of the seventh century B.C, the leaders and princes of that people had already extended their dominance and power over what was later called “Medes” kingdom.

During that period, the “Manai” people, whose language remains unknown, occupied a small area to the southern east of Urmia lake, then the “Yarisui” people appeared there.

All these factors paved the way for the migration of other large peoples and nations there.

Once again, we emphasize Zaki Bey’s speech when he stressed out that the written tablets left by the Achaemenes Iranians didn’t carry any explicit information about the origin or the genesis of the Kurds.

In his conclusion, he makes clear that Kurdistan, the first homeland of the second human ancestry,  as it was inhabited by the Zagros Mount peoples since the beginning of time.

Those peoples comprised the people of “Lulu, Cuti or Guti, Caldi or Chaldi, Subaru or Hurri”, while the “Hilami” people inhabited the far southeast of the region, and we have looked into the different origins of these peoples in previous articles “Chaldeans, Aryans an Armenians”.

In short, all the peoples who lived in the high mountains of Zagros were later called the Kurdish people, as a matter of title, not origin, since they inhabited the mountains ”Jurd or Kurd”, except from the “Hilami” people who inhabited the plains to the far southeast of Zagros, so, they were not called Kurds.

Thus, those people of variant origins who inhabited Zagros made the very ancient origins of the Kurdish people.

Furthermore, Going back to the Medes people, we find that it migrated to Zagros first, then moved east and west finally.

Those peoples were the largest and most powerful populations among the other Aryan new settler peoples. They inhabited the east of Urmia lake first, to be followed then by other Aryan migrant peoples including “Yaris, Manai, Yarisuti, Yarith, and Cadrichoi”.

He adds “ We cannot move on without talking about the tight relationship between the first ancestries that inhabited the Zagros Mountains and the second ancestries that migrated there.

A researcher on the origin of “Kurds”, referring to the title, not race,  of the inhabitants of Zagros Mountains, has to study the peoples of both first and second ancestries that moved there.

He thinks that the first ancestries of Zagros peoples were:

– “The Lulu or Lulubum people, who lived in Zhau, Shahrazuri and Al- Sulaymaniyah since an unknown point of time”

– “The Guti or Gudi people that took over the” Sud and Axid” lands in 2649 B.C and ruled over them for 125 years and 40 days, and it seems that their capital city was Arikha, then was moved to Lakash”

Detailing the history of these peoples, Zaki says “Accordingly, we cannot conclude that Kurds descend from a single origin” (p.64 of his abovementioned book).

To be continued…

By : ( Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi ) – Damascus

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