How many types of terrorism does the United States produce ?? Corona terrorism … the latest trend

Have you heard of Corona terrorism? It is indeed a new type of terrorism practiced by the United States of America and its European appendices ..

These countries do not spare any way to practice terrorism to achieve their goals even if it was the virus of corona itself ..

In the past, America allied with Al-Qaeda viruses and launched them to the east, facilitating their entry into Syria with all of its factions and their jihadist names.

Then it introduced Kurdish separatist terrorism, and of course it used economic, commercial, banking, agricultural, political, military, media, Ottoman, and Brotherhood terrorism ..

Today, it uses health terrorism, or rather (corona terrorism) ..

In this global pandemic, the United States refuses to reduce or change any form of blockade that may help in purchasing drugs, drugs, sterilizers, and examination devices for corona …

and even prevent flights of the Syrian airline so that the Syrian citizens who want to return to their country can come back, it even does not care if they remained in the most severe spots afflicted by corona or not ..

The last concern of the United States is the health of the Syrian citizen.

Ambassador Dr. Bashar Al-Jaafari count all the types and tastes of American terrorism that have exceeded the types of hamburgers and McDonald’s meals.

Rather, what is ironic is that the United States is sending medical aid to terrorists instead of the Syrian government and even accompanying it with arms shipments ..

That is, al Qaeda is covered by the kindness and care of the United States for human reasons .

As for the millions of Syrian people, the sympathy of the great lady with a gentle heart is not obtained.

Rather, the biggest scandal is that the United States is the only country in the world that practices the policy of blockade of two billion people in the world in various degrees ..

China, Russia and many countries are subject to varying penal laws originating from the United States…

The funny thing is that the United Nations law and charter does not endorse, recognize or permit any form of siege and sanctions unless it comes from the United Nations ..

But a terrorist state like America .. turns everything into a project of terrorism …

even its project of going to Mars is a terrorist project and has a terrorist idea and certainly not for the good of mankind…

Here we are in front of the Corona virus, which kills human beings and in front of it stand helpless the most powerful country; still America invests it as a siege and a weapons project ..

If it can be used to terrorize other peoples, it will enter alongside the rest of the weapons and terrorism that has become a weapon in America’s hands against peoples that do not accept the authority of America ..

Corona terrorism is the latest trend of terrorism and the United States is experiencing it on the Syrian people…

Terrorism is the weapon of the weak …

Resorting to health terrorism is not only the weapon of the weak, but it is also the weapon of villains too.

Listen to Dr. Bashar Al-Jaafari and learn about America’s new terrorist record and how it is the mother of global terrorism.

The latest American trend today is Corona terrorism …

and of course it will not be the last ..

By : ( Naram Sargon )

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