The art of distancing oneself from apnea .. the fall of morals

Europe has million eyes that were watching the Syrian events, It has the ears of elephants in size and of bats in sensitivity to hear whatever is ultra or infrasound…

it even monitors emotions, reads people’s thoughts, and visualizes tears from the moment they form in the womb of the eye before they even drop down.

The European media entered  the existing and non-existent prisons and detailed us in the rooms of Saydnaya prison and knew how many mice there are ,how many gibbets and what was written on the walls ..

Europe was sending correspondents to investigate the facts about the torment of worms and the environment in the Syrian war…

but when it came to the events of America, European official websites were shocked and paralyzed by the horror of what is happening in America.

The surprise was held by the famous websites that were awakening in the morning on the braying of a donkey in the Syrian desert or the bleat of a goat in  Houran plain ..

while turning a blind eye to human suffering in all the world, especially in Palestine ..

Today, when we view the famous European websites ,that used to offer us the morning’s coffee with Syrian blood and heavy tears , we see that it presents its programs as if what is happening does not concern them because the volume of interest is limited and going into details does not seem enthusiastic ..

I even thought for a moment that President Michel Suleiman had taught the Europeans a lesson in the fundamentals of “distancing oneself”, as European sites are almost devoid of American news except in the sense that they report car accidents and star news ..

It is strange that America was burning and the European media talks about the events of America as if Sarhan Abdel-Basir …

a poor media that raises compassion, ridicule and contempt.

But this experience taught us that Europe does not differ much in its dependency on America from Lebanon’s dependency on France .. When Europe becomes mute , blind and much like Sarhan Abdel-Basir ..

we must know that the complex of European moral excellence is just a bubble .. and a myth…

morality requires that people are equal and that the pain of “Conta Conte” is the same pain for any Palestinian boy, and for any Syrian citizen who was passing under the torture that was portrayed by the European as the birth of freedom ..

Europe has fallen morally long ago, since America entered it with its military shoes during World War II, and then attached it to its garden and did whatever it wants with it, just like how Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi did to his enslavements. America never got out of Europe..

The American military shoe crushed the dignity of Europe and its political and media independence, and he who loses his independence; loses his voice and fell morally too ..

The European moral fall was manifested by its dependence on Washington in every small and big detail that appeared in the Syrian war where there was America and its shadow : Europe .. There was the Voice of America, and its echo was the voice of Europe.

Europe does not differ much in its national and moral crisis from the Arabs ..

it is politically defeated and its will is occupied …

and therefore it is morally degraded ..

you can’t count on someone who  lost his personality and is forced to keep his silence like a dog ..

or bark as a dog too ..

By : (Naram Sargon)

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