USA and its Inherent Nature of Killing and Hegemony

By : (Dr. Ahmad Haj Ali)

Terrorism, along with its forces and goals, belongs to the western Zionist colonial root, which is a new stage that is organized and modified at every juncture and in line with real American Zionist goals in Syria,  hence the American and Turkish claims of spreading the democracy in our occupied land and protecting the various categories from the “oppression of the regime,” as they claim.

Certainly,, the American barbaric tendency have not changed and will not be affected whether in the pre-corona stage or in the dangerous current stage after the spread of this epidemic worldwide,  as the American values and polices  consistently agree that the priorities of Washington are hegemony over the world, looting the wealth of peoples, and viewing people as human gatherings valid only for serving the American project.

Furthermore, they view the geography of the whole world as merely stores and tankers of the wealth, and America’s mission is to dominate them whether through military direct occupation, as is the case in southeast Syria, or through imposing sanctions and brutal blockade , as is the case of Caesar Act in Syria which not only affects the Syrian state and people, but also extends to reach all those dealing with the Syrian State whether they are States, governments, industrial establishments, humanitarian associations, or individuals of the elite who were awakened due to the enormity of what USA is doing.

In this context, we must uncover the truth of America and its policies; this country is a constant enduring enemy for peoples and societies’ hope of sovereignty, self-reliance , and  national independence according to the interests of their  countries .

USA is an archenemy in times of peace and war because its moral crux is decayed and deceiving since its establishment in the New World. This country does not give any respect to people’s lives, will,  and sanctity of their national fixed-beliefs.

Thus, we believe that the USA  is still the same since its very beginning tens of decades ago and over the fifty presidents who came to power.

The world today, namely  the one which has conscience and perception of danger , realizes the greed and atrocity of the current American attitude in light of corona  pandemic, where the American political, economic and military schemes and actions are still the same, even  they have taken deep roots  in the hostility towards the Syrian state so much so that the world now realizes that USA is an inherently colonial hostile regime towards people.

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