A dangerous decision and a message from the allies … We will liberate the land, even if the whole NATO stood behind Erdogan

Since we followed the Syrian statements in the Security Council, we have become accustomed that Syrian diplomacy always gives an opportunity for reason and wisdom to wash away the papers of the United Nations and the decisions of the Security Council ..

But the United Nations and its Security Council can’t be washed even if we used all the logic in the world, as they are the nations and the council of non-logic and tampering …

And it turned into a school for international rioters who reject any logic and any discreet operation to codify international behavior ..

Although the Syrian statements in their entirety re-read to the rioters all the decisions of the UN Charter and recited them page by page and line by line .. till we have come to know it by heart ..

However, the Security Council’s understanding of reason and legal logic is no different from that of Morsi Al-Zenati at the play “School of the rioters” which is the logic of muscles and bullying.

Therefore, this council did not understand the signs and the metaphors indicating that it lost its credibility and lost all contact with it in reality and it was necessary for us to speak openly without adding sugar to words so that it does not remain in a state of daydreams or a state of denial and ambiguities ..

Therefore, after the necessary explanation that the Syrian representative must recite every time to reveal to this rioting council or school the insignificance of biased international decisions, their contradictions and their deviation from the legal text…

After the necessary clarification, the Syrian position had to be said with the full mouth, without equivocation and with self-confidence, in a phrase that may be the most challenging at all in the confrontational meetings between Syria and the Security Council gang ..

In short, this position is in a phrase that does not accept the interpretation said by the Syrian delegate was : (If some people dream of repeating the experience of the Turkish occupation of parts of Cyprus since 1974 in my country, we will not allow this to happen even if the whole NATO stood behind behind Erdogan.)

The meaning of this phrase is great and very heavy because it is a message of defiance for everyone who thinks that it can impose a reality on the ground by procrastination and threat ..

It indicates that Syria will go to the maximum options in order to prevent any occupation to remain on the Syrian soil, especially a Turkish one, And that this option is the option of the Syrian-Russian and Iranian alliance and that Syria informs on their behalf ..

That is, what Erdogan thinks is possible with NATO support has become impossible because the Syrian decision is a confrontation with NATO .. If he decides to support Erdogan ..

There is no doubt that the message will have its effect on NATO members and in Turkey because after this pledge no fool can ignore the collective message of the allies that was read in the name of Syria on behalf of the allies.

In this statement and this phrase is what every Syrian has learned in the smallest school, which is that we will continue our way, even if in our face, stood  the bloodiest humankind or elves ..

We add to it: even if NATO and Erdogan soldiers stood in our face ..

By : ( Naram Sargon )

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