Kurdistan between Illusion and Reality (Part 15)

In this article, we are going to talk about the Kurds’ first contact with Islam.

There are conflicting historical narrations about the first contact between the Kurds and Arabs during the Arab conquest movement.

Some of them confirm that the year (18) Hijri was the first year of contact, when the Muslim Arabs reached the upper Aljazeera region, as is mentioned in the book “The Caliphs’ Legacy”, p / 252, while Al-Tabari says that it was rather the year (17) Hijri.

However, he asserts that during the battles of conquest of Iraq Al-Ajam, after Al-Boeib battle, the Arabs sought help from the Arab tribes of Al Jazeera; therefore, the Arabs of Taghleb came, fought with them and converted to their religion.

Furthermore, Hamid bin Zanjaweih mentions in his book “Al-Amwal” that those Taghlebi’s in the Euphrates Aljazeera were angry over a set of decisions issued by Omar bin Al-Khattab, so they formed a delegation and came to express their objection to those decisions. Therefore, Omar exempted them from paying tribute as a charity, allowed them to build and rehabilitating their churches, and reversed all the decisions he had issued saying: “you are Arabs like us, and you have your own religion and we have ours”.

Only then, the head of the delegation accepted to dismount his horse and enter Omar’s house, and so was their advent from the Euphrates Aljazeera, their former home was before Islam.

In this respect, Abdullah Ocalan wrote saying, “the influence of Islam over the Kurds was within the mentioned main frame, as the upper ranks of the traditional tribes and the land owners were the first to establish close relationships with Omayyad and Abbasid dynasties, so they merged into the of the Arabic language and culture, and related their names, lifestyles, and roots to the Arabs.

Moreover, the area around Zagreus and Taurus Mountains was named using Arabic terms, and the people there were called “the Kurds” for the first time.

The relations and similarity of mentality reached an advanced level, and the Arabs were settled in Zagreus and Taurus Mountains due to their mixing up with the Kurds, consequently, the assimilation of the Kurds in the Arabic culture and language became significantly clear – (this was mentioned in the source we referred to previously p / 401-402) – This contributed to the extension of the Omayyad and Abbasid states’ borders to reach Zagreus and Taurus Mountains northward.

On the other hand, we cannot ignore “Meeting the Ancestors” book by the Iraqi Kurdish researcher, Jamal Rashid Ahmad, in which he believes that the earliest place of Kurds’ political assembling started to appear in Azerbaijan, Iran, and Armenia where the Kurds constituted a large proportion of the population.

(See Meeting the Ancestors, p / 10-11).

He also talks about the Kurds in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan and that the Kurds make up one million of the Muslims there, and that the Yazidis make up one hundred and fifty thousand of them.

The researcher reveals that some peoples, who are not Kurds but rather from the Lan, lived in the northern Mesopotamia, and that they arrived there from Crimea!!

(See previous source – p / 209).

( By : Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi )

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