When Terrorism Degenerates in All its Varieties

We can describe the state of demoralization, in which and through which the human health and social crisis was stripped naked by the Corona pandemic, as real and objective, and this demoralization is the result of the phases and forms of falling down that are known to the whole world, meaning that the source of Western, American and European policies is one in terms of stability and continuity through the method of aggression particularly in Syria.

However, what is remarkable is the depth and insolence of the demoralization in the perception of the pandemic and in dealing with its repercussions and extensions, and in this respect, we can notice two correlative issues that go hand in hand.

The first one is this organic structural integration between the masses and elements of terrorism, and it is clear that coronavirus itself is nothing but a formula derived from the source of aggression and spread through the ethics and mentality of Western and Zionist colonization.

Therefore, aggression is one in its essence even if it assumes many shapes and nominations, as at some stage, it took the form of direct occupation, and at another, it supported the terrorist factions by all means and weapons, and at a third stage, it headed towards fraud, allegations, and slander on Syria whether in terms of Syria’s relationship with its people or in terms of fabricating false accusations against the Syrian armed forces, especially in the matter of chemical and biological weapons.

These mentioned paragraphs assemble together from source to application to form a system in the political and objective terms, i.e.

every case of aggression is basically derived from the aggressive colonial powers and directed towards serving the strategic and technical scheme of these forces in Syria.

The second issue is the reality of the content and the link between the threat of the epidemic disaster and the imperative international response, and hence lies the major catastrophe, as this necessitates taking back the plans and prejudices in order to give the stage to a binding international position that forms the basis for building the frontline to confront Coronavirus.

However, what happened is that America and the European Union have gone deep in their stubbornness and insisted on the economic blockade and sanctions against all revolutionary peoples in the world, whether in Syria, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba or Nicaragua, and this reveals the nature of terrorism in its military, human, epidemiological, and health aspects. Thus, this issue completes the first one to form together a realistic perspective and an approach of analysis and taking positions and decisions so that we do not get entrapped in the illusion that America is a weak state and deserves to be saved by the Arabs, hence the horrific and unbalanced scene that is promoted by America and applied by the Arab political regime.

By : (Dr. Ahmad Al Haj Ali )

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